Left Margin

Controls on the left margin are used for displaying appointments and are always visible. The controls include a Date Picker to quickly jump to specific days and Filters for selecting the type of appointments to display.

Date Picker

The date picker allows the user to click on any single day and DiaryBook will show the Appointments tab and list any appointments for that day. The appointments that show in the appointments list are also determined by the appointment filters selected.


The filter fields allow the user to filter the type of appointments to view in the Appointments tab. The user selects

From / To

These fields are used to view appointments for a range of dates.

Appointments With

Show only appointments for a particular user.

Appointments With Status

Show only appointments that have a particular status.

Appointments Using

Show only appointments that are using a particular resource.

Top Margin

The top margin contains buttons that are short-cuts for commonly used tasks.

Compose Message Button

Clicking the COMPOSE MESSAGE button top opens the Compose window. The compose window lets the user send text, email and fax messages to clients on their account.

New Appointment

Clicking the NEW APPOINTMENT button opens the Appointment window. The appointment window lets the user add an appointment to their DiaryBook account.

New Client

Clicking the NEW CLIENT button opens the Client window. The client window lets the user add a new client to their DiaryBook account.


The TABS menu is a menu of other tabs that can be opened within the DiaryBook application. Tabs that can be opened are

Home, Appointments, Calendar, Clients, Inbox, Jobs and Outbox.

User Button

The USER BUTTON, showing the current user's email address, displays a menu that lets the user access system settings, account settings and to sign-out of the DiaryBook application.

Note: In a multi-user account, only users with admin rights can access most of these areas.


Most screens are shown as a tab inside the main section of the screen. When first signed in to DiaryBook, there are 3 tabs opened: Home, Calendar and Appointments. These tabs cannot be closed. Other tabs are opened as needed.

The user can click on a tab to activate that tab. Tabs are closed when the user clicks the X button on the relevant tab.

Tip: The user should not have too many tabs open at the same time as this could affect the performance of the application in their browser.