Essentially, the stop list is a list of email addresses, mobile numbers and fax numbers of clients who do not want to receive messages from the user's organisation.

Sending Messages

Whenever the user manually sends a message using the Compose Window, the list of recipient details is matched with the stop list and any matching records are cancelled. In addition, any automatic appointment reminders are dealt with in the same way and can fail to be delivered for this reason.

When sending direct marketing material, the user has an option of including opt-out instructions in the text message or email message being sent.

Freephone Number

When the opt-out feature is used with text messages, the end of each text message contains a free-phone number that the client can call. When the client calls this number an auto-attendant answers and prompts the user to enter their mobile number. Once this number is confirmed with the client it is automatically added to the user's stop list as a blocked record.

Email Opt Out Link

When the opt-out feature is used with emails, the email is embedded with unsubscribe instructions. If the client clicks on this link their email address is automatically added to the user's stop list as a blocked record.

Stop List Record

The stop list record is comprised of the following

  • The address type
  • The address
  • Whether blocked or allowed
  • Is record disabled

The address type can by text, email or fax. The address is the actual mobile number, email address or fax number. The record can tell DiaryBook to block the address or allow it. In addition the record can be disabled by the user.